Monday, June 18, 2012


June is a month of celebrations.  A year ago I started this blog and while I may only have a mere 47 posts.  It's my place where I can post randomly about the little things in my life.  My first post also happened to be on quite a special day.  

My niece Megan's birthday.  Today she turns 18.  An adult in the eyes of the law.  I can't begin to tell you about the heart failure I was experiencing the day she got her driver's licence and her own car. 
She has grown into a beautiful young woman that has a heart for those that are less fortunate, the forgotten and mistreated.   But even with a heart of gold, Megan has a wild streak with a wicked sense of humour and has a true appreciation for the most ridiculous movies and TV shows. 

Strawberry vanilla cupcakes for a sassy 18 year old.  The recipe, I will post at a later date.    

Happy Birthday Megan!

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