Friday, May 4, 2012


Hello there!  It's finally Friday and I want to share with you a traditional Mennonite summer treat that you may want to try this weekend given the temperatures are finally headed in the right direction once again.

When Mike and I picked up some watermelon from the market the other day, I got a craving for rollkuchen.  Rollkuchen is a traditional Mennonite recipe served with watermelon, usually in the summer, when it's in season. Not buying an overpriced quartered slice at the market.  :)  This was my first attempt at making rollkuchen and no doubt I'll be making them a few times in summer.


1 cup whipping cream
3 eggs
1 tsp salt
3/4 tsp baking powder
3 cups flour

Mix all ingredients together and knead into a ball.  I used my KitchenAid with the dough hook.
Wrap the dough up and refrigerate it for a couple hours.  (My momma says she doesn't do this, but did say it does make it easier to roll out the dough, if you choose to).

After a couple of hours, or if you're like me and you haven't got two hours to wait, 45 minutes or so later, take the dough out and roll.  Rolling it thin will give you a crisper roll kuchen and leaving it thicker will make it more fluffy and softer.  Totally your preference.

Cut the dough into about 3-4 long strips and then cut across to make rectangular shapes.
Cut a slit in the middle and pull the dough through to make a twist.  This is also to prevent them from becoming a balloon when frying.  

Heat some oil in a large pot. (I used canola).  Test the oil's readiness by dropping a small piece of dough into it.  It should start to bubble around the dough and rise to the surface.  Fry and place the fried rollkuchen on a paper towel. 

Serve with watermelon. 

Leftovers are great for breakfast, served with jam.

Have a great weekend! 

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