Saturday, March 10, 2012


These past couple of weeks have been somewhat of a blur.  On a high note...we finally sold the house! 

I listed and sold my car in the same day and bought a "new" car! 

Five weeks ago, my life changed with the death of Ziva.  I'm sure there are those who can't understand this, but her death devasted and consumed me.  It's slowly getting easier, but I still have my moments where I can't believe she's really gone. 

But there is hope.  Spring is almost here and the signs are everywhere you look, from the warmer weather to the green daffodil shoots coming out of the cold hard earth.  I saw my first robin of the season this morning.  She was perched on the fence in my backyard singing a song.  By the time I saw her and grabbed my camera, she was gone.  She must have been camera shy. :) 

Have a blessed Saturday!

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